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  • First-aid Measures
    • Eye contact : Wash eye with clean water.
    • Skin Contact : Wash thoroughly with soap and water.
    • Ingestion : DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING. Rinse out mouth thoroughly and give plenty of water.
    • Inhalation : If irritation occurs, remove person to fresh air.
    • General : Get medical attention if any symptoms persist.
  • Firefighting Measures
    • The product does not pose a fire hazard. However, packaging materials may burn.
    • Suitable Extinguishing Media : water, foam, carbon dioxide or dry powder.
  • Hazard Identification
    • This product is not identified according to CHIP.
    • Dust from mixing or sanding may irritate the respiratory system, skin and eye.
  • Accidental release measures
    • Avoid creating dust, personal protection for recommended personal protective equipment.
    • Prevent plasters from contaminating drains.
    • Plaster can be mixed with pure water, avoid eye contact or prolonged, repeated contact with skin.
  • Handling and Storage
    • Use : Minimize dust generation when loading, unloading, opening & mixing or sanding plasters in poorly ventilated places.
    • Manual handling : Supplied in approximately 25kg bags use an appropriate lifting technique. Do not use hooks.
    • Mechanical handling : In order to maintain the stability of the palletized load, it is important that the lift truck fork length and centers support the load.
    • Storage : Store in dry conditions. All powdered product can settle in transport. To maintain stability, place pallets on firm level ground. Do not stack more than one lift high.
  • Personal Protection
    • Respiratory : Used in well-ventilated area. Where practicable use engineering methods to control dust level. If the exposure standards could be exceeded use a disposable face mask complying with EN 149 EEP2.
    • Skin : Wear appropriate clothing to protect against repeated or prolonged skin contact.
    • Eye : If there is risk of material entering the eye, wear eye protection to BS EN 166.
  • Disposal consideration Wastage from gypsum products are normally classified as ‘non-hazardous’ but should not be co-disposed with municipal waste. Dispose at an authorized landfill site in accordance with the Waste Management Licensing Regulations.